Invitation to Participate in Research About Faculty Communication with Students


We are a research team consisting of faculty in communication departments at Chapman University in Orange, CA and California State University, Fullerton (USA).  We are writing to request your help with some research studies we are conducting that examine teachers’ perspectives on their experiences with students.  Your responses are very valuable to us and will take just a few minutes.

If you are 18 years or older and currently teaching a course at the higher education level (college, university, community/junior college, post-secondary technical/professional school) we would greatly appreciate your insights. You may be a TA, adjunct, lecturer, part-time, or full-time faculty member in any discipline.  You may teach face-to-face, online, or in a blended format.  We also welcome international participation.

If you meet these criteria in the paragraph above, you may complete one or more of the surveys.  If possible, we would be happy to have your input on all three.

Your responses will be anonymous.  We do not collect IP addresses or any identifying information about you.  Your participation is completely voluntary.

We are very appreciative of your time.  These projects have been approved by the Chapman University Institutional Review Board.  Please contact any of us if you have questions.

Study #1:

This questionnaire consists of closed-ended scale items that require you to choose one response. Complete this in about ten minutes. 

Study #2:

Participation in this study involves responding to a few open-ended “short answer” type questions about instructional experiences teachers have with their students.  Although this survey will take a little longer than the other two (+/- 30 minutes), we think that you will enjoy thinking about these issues and sharing your thoughts.

Study #3:

This questionnaire is similar to the first; items ask you to choose one response. It should take ten ten minutes or even less.

Remember, we are very appreciative of your help.  Please consider sharing this page with a colleague.  Your responses will go a long way toward a better understanding of the teacher/student relationship and how teacher communication helps influence student learning.


Jennifer Waldeck, Ph.D. (Chapman University)

Sara LaBelle, Ph.D. (Chapman University)

Zachary Johnson, Ph.D.  (California State University, Fullerton)